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About World Shipping Register

World Shipping Register is the leading Company, providing ships and shipping companies data with outstanding number of ships, shipping companies and powerful search criteria;

More than 100,000 ships;
More than 150,000 companies;
More than 5,500 shipbuilders;
Cross links between the ships, shipowners and shipbuilders databases.

World Shipping Register has an excellent search functions which allow to find:

  1. Ship or group of ships by:
    • Ship Name
    • Ship Ex-Name
    • IMO Nr.
    • Call Sign
    • Ship Type
    • Flag
    • Class
    • Deadweight
    • Displacement
    • Gross Tonnage
    • TEU Capacity
    • Length
    • Beam
    • Draft
    • Age of ship
    • Engine power (kW/HP)
    • Owner
    • Ship manager
    • Fleet manager
  2. Company or group of companies by:
    • Company Name
    • Business
    • Country of residence
    • Port (City)

World Shipping Register main preferences :

  • Ship or groups of ships selection using multitude �From-To� queries on deadweight, displacement, gross tonnage, teu capacity, length, beam, draft, age of ship, engine power, etc.
  • On-line access to the latest details of word fleet information , print and easy data edit facility;
  • On-line access to shipowners, managers, operators, shipbrokers and shipbuilders details;
  • Access to data is available at any Internet-connected PC, no special requirements to PCs or OS ;